Laurence J Betts (31 Food Miles)

Local Grower
Laurence J Betts (31 Food Miles)

You may notice in your box some items from our good friends L.J.Betts. Behind the scenes we've been working long and hard to find great people and companies in the local food scene to work with, and having come across L.J.Betts we've fallen in love with their produce, and their way of working.

The farm encourages wild flowers and has an on-going policy of maintaining and sowing wild flower meadows to encourage wildlife, such as bees. Rare species of flowers have been spotted on site, including the Bee Orchid and the Grass Vetchin

The fruits and vegetables are great, local, natural and without unnecessary plastics. The service as a whole is great and made with passion, as you can really tell from the eyes of James who made the delivery!

— Saira, Dulwich

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